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Japanese Steamer 約1升(Approx. 1 shou)[043-01~043-03]

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The cedar plate is finished with the traditional "magewappa" (bentwood) method. The steamer gives off a refreshing tree aroma, and does not damage food with excess water droplets.


Includes main body with bamboo mat.
Outside dimension = the outside diameter of the top x the height not including the table
Inside dimension = the inside diameter of the bottom x the inside height not including the bamboo mat


01 Main body with bamboo mat  approx. 1升(shou)

    Outside dimension : Diameter Approx. 24 x 10.5H cm (Diameter Approx. 9.4 x 4.1H inches)  

    Inside dimension : Diameter Aapprox. 25 x 10.2H cm (Diameter Approx. 9.8x x 4H inches)

02 lLd

    Inside Dimension : Diameter Approx. 25.3cm (Approx. 9.9 inches)

03 Bamboo blind

    Diameter Approx. 23.5cm (Approx. 9.2 inches)

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