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白木(Plain Wood) Sushi Press[034-04~034-06]

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Using plain wood, it quickly dries extra moisture, and makes sushi look beautiful without losing shape.




04 Extra Large

   Inside dimension: Approx. 21.2L x 12.4W x 4.8H cm (Approx. 8.3W x 4.8D x 1.8H inches)

05 Large

   Inside dimension: Approx. 21.5L x 8W x 4.8H cm (Approx. 8.4W x 3.1D x 1.8H inches)

06 Medium

   Inside dimension: Approx. 15.5L x 8W x 4.7H cm (Approx. 6.1W x 3.1D x 1.8H inches)


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